The pages in this site have been arranged similarly to chapters of a book and cover specific topics.  Each page has entries in the form of blog posts which relate to the individual concepts, or paragraphs.  The reason that we’ve chosen this arrangement is that it allows us to easily maintain an edit history of the material presented here.  That way, if certain materials are updated after they have been referenced and linked to, the researcher will be able to go back and find the original material that was being discussed at the time the article at the other location was written.

 We do anticipate that some of the material presented here will be expanded on and that some errors will have to be corrected.  This site is intended as a notebook of sorts, and it will be used for tracking new information that relates to the study of this mathematical form.   The scope of the subject matter necessitates launching this site with the material presented as a simple synopsis, or at best, an introductory primer.   

 The impact of these new mathematical relationships on our understanding of physics will also be explored.   What seems to have happened here is that by stumbling across a new relationship in Euclidean 3-space we have opened a door to improvising new mathematical and conceptual constructs in the fundamental nature of spacetime.  These improvisations cannot be reached without understanding the underlying geometric relationships that exist, and therefore we have not been able to find much information on many of the subjects that we talk about here.  The implications of understanding direction are quite profound, and it will most likely affect areas of inquiry that have not even been considered at this time.